Warranty conditions:

All products must have Thuy Tien’s warranty stamp with a warranty period; Barcode warranty stamp with serial number
intact without signs of shaving or erasing or tearing; Products damaged by the product are determined by a fault
manufacturer’s error or error; products when warranted must be guaranteed in full; original package.
For products with security coupons, you need to provide coupons for product warranty.

Non-Warranty Conditions:
Product caused by crashing crumbled debris; rust ; products show signs of fire and explosion; Insect beetle mice invade or use in inappropriate environments.
Damage caused by fire disaster using unstable power source; incorrect shipping.

Warranty Method:
All products are warranted for free during the warranty period.
New products purchased within 7 days will be exchanged for new goods if technical defects are checked, no new goods will be exchanged, equivalent products will be returned or the value of the product is correct.
Warranty Location: At 179/9 To Hien Thanh, Ward 13, District 10 or the national address designated by the company